Resources for Educators

For questions regarding any of these materials please contact John Graham at . All the materials below can be used separately, but are designed to be integrated into a 2-day session on Global Negotiations. Many of these materials were designed for and can also be used with International Marketing by P. Cateora, M. Gilly, and J. Graham (15th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2011) and with China Now: Doing Business in the World's Most Dynamic Market by M. Lam and J. Graham (McGraw-Hill, 2007).

Please note that some of the files are quite large, so please be patient when downloading them.

Video Materials

See a training video including Americans making negotiation errors with Mexican, German, Chinese, and Japanese counterparts. Download a RealPlayer version. Download user notes


PowerPoint presentation associated with Global Negotiation: The New Rules.  Notes for instructors are included. 
Please download this file to your computer to view in PowerPoint.

Negotiation Simulations

  1. 2-person, buyer-seller game first used by H.H. Kelley is still useful.  It requires about 15 minutes of preparation and usually results in about 30 minutes of interaction.  The results can be compared to those listed in Exhibit 4.4 of Global Negotiation: The New Rules, page 85.  This also ties directly to slides #55-61 of the PowerPoint presentation above.  The products and currencies can be adjusted to fit your own context. 
  2. 6-person, buyer-seller game, Bolter Turbines Inc. has been used with thousands of executives around the world.  Feel free to adapt the materials for your particular contexts.  A PowerPoint presentation is included. 
  3. 6-person, buyer-seller game, General Medical MRIs is a spin-off of the Bolter Turbines game. It includes some “cultural materials” and can be used directly with the briefings on negotiation styles in 50 countries.  Also, included is a PowerPoint presentation.  Finally, this is the same simulation that provides the context for the Video Materials above.